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graco 1500 texture machine

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I am thinking about purchasing this machine and advertising textured walls and ceilings to our contractors. I currently have a hopper and compressor, but larger jobs are a real pain in the shoulder. any info on the graco?
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I have had three of them. Depending on how much you texture will determine how long they last. Mine lasted less than a year each. We sprayed two houses a week.
We do some stipple/stomp textures that we roll on and hit with a brush, will this machine apply the compound in a manner that we can stop rolling it on and yet still hit with a brush?
I bought one in 2004 and another one in 2006 as back up for a 300 room hotel we were remodeling floor by floor at that time. They both are still woriking till this day. I've only replaced the pump/hose one time on the older one. And had to rebuild my three gun's (the spring rust's out) six or so times total. I do alot of texturing and they are a real workhorse for me. I don't have one complaint. You also can get the larger size knockdown on ceilings that you can't get using a hopper. But, on repairs and stuff I use a hopper. I use a RTX 1000 for that. It has the option to use a hopper or the 7.5 gallon tub on it with the same gun.

Tim, what went wrong with your rigs?
The pumps went bad so soon, I thought. They started to surge. Inconsistent. I really liked them tons better than the hopper, though. We use a Kodiak now. Has the rotor stator pump. Way more consistent. But you have to have air. It doesn't produce it's own like the Graco. Trade offs.
One problem with these pumps is hose length. If you're doing a two story you'll have to take it upstairs. Only one way to get the machine upstairs; Brute strength and ignorance. :laughing:
They're not very heavy... They just surge a lot. Kodiak is one of the best out there.
A couple of things for the surge. Run a gallon of warm water through the machine to loosen up the hose so it dosen't stretch out. Also, when spraying on a second floor, if you keep the tub at least 3/4 full it helps with keeping it at a consistant flow. I run 75' of hose with no problems.
I know they are not too heavy but with the hose and all they still suck to drag around. I know, ***** ***** *****.
If I were to do it over I'd prolly just build a unit in the trailer and have a 1500 and or a hopper for smaller jobs.
Either way I'll still be squirting like a porn star.:laughing:
graco 1500 weak

This unit is great for the amount of material it can hold, But lacks compressor power. ensure you run it back into the hopper for at least 5 mins to get all air pockets out. Tip for graco larger compressor would really make it stand out
I made the same mistake when I bought mine. Thinking I could spray basements with it. This machine will only spray splatter finishes, orange peel, or some people like to call knock-down. It will not take the place of rolling the mud on by hand.
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