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This is a serious deal, I wish you luck.

The IRS is getting way out of hand with a lot of stuff now days, my accountant told me not to pay for scaffolding training and OSHA 10 for a legitimate sub contractor I use. Has his own company, insurance and employees, and does work for several other contractors. But because most of the work I sub to him is remodel work, it is an hourly rate. Its approximately 30% higher than what a normal carpenter on my payroll costs with burden, but I dont have to take care of his tools, trucks, taxes , insurance, ect... Not something I like doing unless we are that busy, as my margins go down or price goes up, but its a legitimate enterprise.

I have two possible commercial projects that are on a highway, I want everyone on the job OSHA certified, subs included. He told me he didnt think he'd be interested in paying for that as he has never seen an OSHA inspector. We live in a rural community, only see OSHA if there is a complaint.

I see his point, at least from his skewed logic.

I ask my CPA about the write off and she says dont do it. That can be notbing but trouble. That apparently includes the toolbox saftey talks we have been doing as well.

I am 100% for them pursuing contractors 1099 their employees, it makes it unfair for legitimate guys. But this is a separate matter and completely ridiculous. By their logic my sub contractor agreement makes my subs employees because I dictage methods of installation and products, and have acceptable working hours listed.

Tell me how any of that makes sense....
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