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government contract guru..

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Im looking for someone who can shed some light on the fundamentals of supplying labor under a gov. contract.

Please pm me due to the nature of the questions. Thanks.
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Davis Beacon, Section 3 Housing and Women and Construction Trades, and surely these are just based on Federal Money not necessarily Government Jobs. If its on Military Base expect backgound checks.

These jobs are (IME) lowest bidder wins, with tons of red tape and oh yeah, waiting and waiting or our money and not only do these jobs not pay well there is retainage to beat the cash flow down a little more.
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Its a government contract. But I can tell there is too many hands in the cookie jar already.. greedy hands.

We provided labor on a gov contract about 5 years ago... all lodging provided all dumps provided.. shingles, 2 story, 5 pitch one off one on and they paid us $120 a sq.

This was no where near that amount. Sounds like a sub subbing a sub subbing a sub subbing a sub subbing a sub. And so on about 5 more times. I'm done even thinking about this job. lol
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