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Gouges in concrete drive- best fix?

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While doing a paver patio and some basic landscaping, the paver crew managed to slightly gouge the clients driveway in several areas. It seems that small pieces of gravel must have been stuck in the dirt that was on the tracks and scraped the broom finish off. In addition, there are several 1/8" gouges in the driveway.
The client has only had the house for a year so it's basically brand new. Now he wants it resurfaced or a new driveway.
600 sq. ft
I don't think a new driveway is in the plan.
We always have a few scrapes here and there but once we pressure wash and the driveway weathers, they aren't noticeable.

My question is this:
What's the best way to fix this?
Sherwin Williams offers a broom finish repair but I have never used it.
Just trying to pick some brains so I have a little ammunition to tell him.

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It's a driveway, not a counter top.

Scratches are a fact of life - either that, or it is much worse than what you have described. OR the customer sees opportunity - take yer pick.

1. Written offer to spot repair the blemmed areas with filler. No don't do the whole driveway - now you have to warranty THAT too.

2. Offer to take a couple hunnerd off the bill.

3. Wait for the court date. Bring your written offer of compensation with you.
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