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Got shorted/ going to court again.

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I actually have three small claims going right now for three of my four services! The one i'' mention here is for going mobile about an hour and a half away on two separate days to blast some trucks and rail road equipment. I emailed invoices and had to keep calling and texting until I actually did get about half the cash and then it stopped. Many attempts later I have decided it's time to file. He owes about $1,150 but he will owe my court fees of $135.00 and I am seeking additional money, mostly in the hopes that he won't risk the judge awarding me the extra, and just send me a check before the court date.
While there is no guarantee what a judge will do I have received the extra award a couple of times when I have asked for it. One was just $50.00 and another was $600.00 of the $800.00 I had asked for.

This time I am attempting a new tactic. I looked around the internet a little and I came up with the phrase "unjust enrichment". I am using this term in my complaint and asking for both remittance of the balance as well as compensation in the amount of two times the balance owed. I'm tired of getting burned.
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good luck in court.

Hope the judge finds you a " just enrichment" to your check book
Good luck with the lawsuit Glen. Goes to show that even in B2B there are deadbeats.
I've had a few "boat yards" take there 30 days ( which was not granted by me) and turn it into 90.
After once, I quickly learned to watch them the second time, soon as 30 days from the bill invoice date, I email them a new bill with 10% intrest, I get the check in a day after. They pay but need a boost lol :whistling

Have not had the pleasure of heading to court yet, and hope I dont.

Good luck to you!
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