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got a sale today !

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ok,i am not going to make a post everytime i get a sale. reason i am doing so is based on my prior post about not being prepared. yesterday afternoon i went to see home owners about windows and i prepared by going over my script,going for a jog,and hitting the weights. working out releases endorphins and gets you pumping. anyway,i spent about 2 hours at the cutomers home and went over everything and LISTENED to their concerns and of course i had the answers;none of the usual "i need to get back to you on that". don't get me wrong that can happen from time to time but always be able to answer truthfully on the fly. you need to strike while the iron is hot and saying you will get back to them regarding a question can sometimes kill the momentum you have created. remember,you are supposed to be an expert and they are trusting you with one of their most prized posessions(their home).
i did'nt do the one day sale,i did'nt need too. you can just tell when they want you to do the work. they just sent me an e-mail asking when i could start.....passion,knowledge,confidence and determination. lets all have a great day and do something possitive today.
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yes i did. gotta give it 110% all the time.
your posts will be much easier to read if you use some spacing every few sentences :whistling
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Something that i do is have a special CD in my vehicle that i play on the way to the appointment. Gets me pumped. But the single most important thing i do is i follow a system at every home. It doesn't matter the situation i follow my system from A-Z everytime, that way i produce much more consistent results. This way even if you are having a bad day or are stressed, when you get to the homeowners house, the switch is flipped and i go into estimating and selling mode.

This industry is a numbers game and the odds are in your favor if you do not prejudge and consistently follow your system. I have gone on thousands and thousands of leads and what produces the best results is when i follow the system and do not try to wing it because i feel i can "read" the homeowner! Don't get me wrong, you want to listen and pick up on things the homeowner says, but stay the course and follow your system and you will see better overall results!

I have known a couple of salesmen that would always wing their appointments and they made money. But i have seen 5 times as many salesmen who followed a system make great money!
Just my 2 cents!
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Good job man, Every job you give an estimate on will get easier and easier, Soon you will find the groove that works best for you
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