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Google Negative keywords

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Google Negative keywords
I have been using goggle for about 6 months now, I spent a total of $240.00, I set up my campaign and set my spending target low. I did this because I’m trying to get a feel for the market keywords and how and when customers use them. As I’m better getting orientated with Google I noticed I spent $240.00, ON WHAT??, No one called me, so I’m looking at my Google campaign and I find at the bottom of the keyword tab: “Negative Keywords”, it shows me all keywords that Google has charged me, I spent $86.00 on the key words Addition & additions, So I keyword Addition & additions in every combination I could think of, my web site never was before the 3rd page, so why I’m I spending that much money on keywords that are so general and that no one will see my site, this may be that my keyword on my site are not optimized, so for now what I did was to “Excluded” these keywords and many others words that I was paying for that had nothing to-do with my site or a carpenter looking for a job ETC.
I find it interesting that I never heard the term Excluded or negative keywords before, well I am new
And Google hides it at the bottom of the page and it’s always minimized, I think they don’t want you knowing why you are paying for crap keywords?
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Fester. Did you see my last post in the other thread. It touched on the issue.

These so called crooks would look at that and turn my comment into a winner in about 15 seconds. There are good ones out there. Honest ones. They can help because they live and breath it. Like I live and breath roofing.

I'm not good at it, but i understand the principal. It gets me lots of organic search traffic. I stay busy. I have 4 more contracts to write up tonight, or tomorrow when I'll be further backed up.

Ivinni, Sore, Sullivan and quite a few others here have dropped kernels of knowledge all over this site. Same as i try to about roofing/construction. Like them, I know more than I'm saying in our respective trades.

Maybe one will chime in with a twist on my earlier, linked post to prove it.
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