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:confused: :) Hello, This question pertains to Gmp Goodman furnaces approx. 8 - 10 yrs old. I have normal ignition sequence and burner will light for several minutes. Main blower kicks on and no real change in burner flames. For unknown reason the flame in the end burner sometimes 2 burners will start to pop on and off until the gas valve closes on flame sensor signal loss. I have monitored the gas pressure at the outlet of the gas valve during this event and it does not change.

I cleaned the burners, removed the burner nozzles and examined no knicks or burrs. When I reassebled the event reoccured one time. Since then I have not had a complaint.

I now have a service call for tommorow with a similar complaint on a GMP but not the same furnace.

I am still in doubt about the first one because of the single reoccurance.

Anyone have any thoughts? :confused:
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