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Good website

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Here is a good website for illinois residents.
Have been a member for a while. :Thumbs:
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hey 747 any coments on the two drunk pilots in FL? They were convicted.
Yes they flew for american west. Tom and chris. Would see them around the lounges in airports when waiting to flyout. Never new them personally just to shoot the breeze with. I feel bad for them. Were they in the wrong. Yes. Were the passengers ever in danager. No. Most pilots have a high tolerance for alcohol. But let me make this absolutely clear they shouldn't have been in cockpit under the influence. Not sure what american west rule on that is. Most go by the 8 hour rule. No drinking 8 hours before flying. You need to understand most pilots are former airforce like me. Back in those days the thing on leave to do was drink. This is why i say most pilots have a high tolerance for alcohol. I personally stop drinking years ago.

Hope that answers your question. The bottom line is this. There done in the air. :rolleyes:
747, I'm also a pilot (private) and found the proceedings rather interesting. They seemed to concentrate on whether or not they were in control or 'operating' the aircraft. I heard no mention of what they were ABOUT to do which was take off with the lives of 100+ people in their hands. No doubt, in my mind, that they were in the wrong.
Teetor Your absolutely correct don't take what i said out of context. Here is all I really know. About a year in a half ago I heard two pilots from american west got caught in your state under the influence in the cockpit. I was then told by copilot it was Tom and Chris. He said you know the guy who has the sharp grey hair. I was shocked it was them. Now as far as what you said something about they were not in controll of aircraft all I can think of is they were being towed out. Which if thats the case then on one hand the tow has controll but on the other hand your in the drivers seat so thats not going to fly. I just feel bad that a pilots career would have to end under those circumstances. I always wanted my own plane. But seeing how i work for the airline industry I can't count on them for a pension. So I'm funding 3 private pension accounts. Were all kinda looking at the United stituation with there pension plan to see what will happen. But I'm single never marriaged no children so i do ok. Seriously thinking about picking me up a low maintance filipino women and giving her a good life here in U.S. next time i get to metromanila. Last time I was there took a good looking women out to dinner. She said her dream in life was to have big refrigerator and bathtub. She only had like small refrigerator and shower. Thats my kinda of a women and she said can we go to mcdonalds I said we can do better than that. :Thumbs:
Seems to me flying FUI would be a little easier than DUI. No ditch, no parked cars, noting to hit except down, no running trees........and a co piliot to lean the oppisite way.:cheesygri

"Good evening ladies and gentleman, please fasten your sealtbelts and welcome to Wamo Airlines"

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