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Good Website to Sell Salvaged Furnace in NJ?

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We just pulled a Trane duct furnace from a project of ours in NJ. The thing was installed in 2006 and was never used because the contractor walked off the job and the space has been vacant ever since. We've tested the unit and it runs like a champ, but I don't want to list it on just craigslist or something. Does anyone know a good website for contractors in NJ to find used units?
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Yeah, I was afraid craigslist was going to be the best option. I was hoping for a more specialized website since this thing has a 400,000 btu capacity. I've sold a salvaged escalator system from a Marshalls once on a website, but I can't remember what site it was and I can't find any paperwork on it...but thanks for the input.
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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