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Someone had posted a questioner yesterday and the thread got closed. This was too darn funny to allow to disappear so fast.

The following are the answers Ameliap posted:

1. What is your sex? .....undetermined
2. What is you are? .......**** Erectus
3. What is your job title?.......Chick in Charge
4. Hour spend on the job?.....I never leave
5. What vehicle manufacture you drive to/for work?.....Pacer
6. Do you haul a trailer for work?, haul mixer
7. If yes, is it a conventional, cargo, fifth wheel trailer?, haul MIXER
8. Do you haul your tools in the trailer? trailer MIXER
9. What brand of tools do you own?.......mason tools
10. What brand of power tools do you use on the job?......mixer
11. If a brand of power tools were sold in a package, design to fit your line of work. Would you purchase it?, already have them
12. If no, then if it was covered in monthly payments and covered by warranty would you reconsider?.......Depends, might be PMS week
13. If there was a trailer built for your line of work. Would you purchase it?
14. If no, why? place to put mixer
15. With technology on the rise and other alternatives for energy, would you consider switching for the new and leaving the old behind? what? Masons have been working since.....oh well I guess since humans stopped being nomadic.....

Any comments: Bad English, dumb questionaire, nice distraction tho.....:w00t:
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