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I'm back in town. I'm going to The taste of Chicago tonight. You guys are welcomed to join me. I don't think we should take Grumpy he thinks its over rated. :cheesygri. Let me try to find my booth map will be in business then. :Thumbs: Here is the game plan.

Booth 19 robinsons #1 Ribs
Booth 30 sweet baby rays
booth 32 home run inn pizza
booth 18 eli's cheese cake
Booth 14 aunt diana's candy makers

Steve winwood will be preforming tonight. Going to check that out.

Teetor wines of the world wine garden that has your name on it :Thumbs:

Looks like 63 booths this year of Chicago foods. I think walk on monroe east to columbus should be ticket booth there.

Hey did i ever tell you guys about the year i went and this portable toliet place was demo new toliets like the kind you guys use on job sites. These ones this company was demo were like the lincoln continental on portable toliets they were nice.

Ok thats it hope everybody has a great night like me. Did i mention I've got date to. :Thumbs: :cheesygri Shes a CPA I'm going to let her audit me :cheesygri
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