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I'm contemplating trying Glidden's EZ Track Ceiling Paint that goes on pink and dries white. Has anyone tried it? If so, what do you think about it? Did it help speed up your job? If it did, how much time did it save you compared to using regular ceiling paint?

Also, it's about $3.00 more expensive per gal. than the regular Glidden Ceiling Paint. If you have used it, would you think the extra cost would balance out because the job took less time to complete?

Thank you

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It used to be you looked for the missed, white on white spots.
This paint goes on strong pink and then light pink. Now you
are wondering: "is this area drying or I didn't put enough paint?"
Total confusion at the end.The quality of that flat is not very good.
Unless your ceiling is well primed, it will be very chaulky.
Our ceiling paint is B. Moore's wall satin. More expensive than
ceiling paint but very smooth and worth it.

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Those types of ceiling paints also do not dry as white as regular ceiling paints.
Go for a professional Contractor grade paint by any manufacturer like Benny Moore's SuperSpec or something like that. And just put on two coats, you'll be sure to hit everything at least once.

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