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Ok so things are going great around here...


I worked for an industrial painter over christmas and it was a very worthwhile experience... I am jealous of his crew. :mad:

It was good times to be had, and I was glad I was given the oppertunity... anyways, a larger job came in which was way above my level of work, and I sent it to the guy I worked with...

He sent me a thankyou card and stuff :clap::thumbup::thumbsup:

Now... moving on

On a side note, I am glad I was able to work for this fellow contractor.. hes mainly commercial/industrial vs me the Little guy high end residential.. It allowed me to connect with his crew, work with him and his crew, and see how they work ect... From now on, from the experience alone, He gets my commercial leads... Plus, He offered me a job :laughing: I told him 'over the winter if we are slow, call me'

So that was totally awesome... so for the rest of you, working for your competition.. it was a how do I put it... a bit nerve wracking at first... but as 'John' (alias) put it... 'We all hafta do what we have to to put food on the table' Plus I found an 'out' of sorts for work that is beyond my expertise.. so a win win.

Ok, so moving on to more important stuff...

And the reason for this thread... :laughing:

I came upon a job that I am fully capable of handling..

However... (its a plastering/painting job)

on the exterior, soffits, Honestly, and I am not one to lie to homeowners, if I dont know what it is, I tell them... they had numerous leaks, all fixed... however, the exterior is like a 'rocky stucco' but the soffits, some of which had complete failure...

fell to the ground, big hole, 25' up the pieces next to the house, a small piece, say 8"x8" weighed a ton! could clearly see the base coat and finish coat.. the base coat looked like concrete (seriously) and the finish coat, easily 1/4"... my best guess, looked like granite.. the roofers said they need a plasterer.. I am the closest plasterer people have with out getting into historical restoration... like i can do plaster repairs with real plaster (I actually prefer this over drywall compound. dont get me started on compound - YUCK!) But I lack the experience to say what this is...

so a name pops into my head... a BIG name... and its owner, worked for MY dad! imagine that... :laughing:

How do I sell this, with out losing the interior end of the job?

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There are a few ways to do this. The first one is tell the homeowners that it just a little outside your scope of work and that you have a guy that is perfect for the job and you will have him contact them. Then they can deal directly with him for getting the job done and payment.

The second one is to sub the work out to the guy. Then you bill the homeowner just like normal and pass along the payment to the guy. This is sometimes the best way to do it as the homeowner many times doesn't want to have to deal with too many contractors.

You could also ask the guy to come over and look at the job and see what it entails and then pay him something for telling you how to fix it. Just be upfront with the guy that this is what you are doing so he doesn't get mad that you got his knowledge and then you did the work.
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