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Hi All,

Can more than one GFI be installed on a branch circuit... I remember someone telling me there would be a problem with the GFI's tripping each other if on the same circuit... However, I haven't been able to find anything to dispute to confirm that claim.

I want to replace old recepticles in a two wire installation (no equipment grounding conductor) with new square recepticles (that only seem to come with grounding screws)... To get around the equipment grounding requirement, I'll install GFI's upstream of these recepticles, but unless I take the time to identify each branch circuit, there is definately a likelihood I will end up with more than one GFI per circuit...

Thanks in advance for any help .... And LOL for any of the harsh (how stupid are you) comments I'm sure to get...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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