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Getting started in woodworking/cabinetmaking

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I'm kind of new to the site and was curious if there are any good books out there on cabinetmaking. The reason I ask is that I worked construction for 3 years doing remodeling work while I was in a vocational program for building construction in high school. We mostly did a lot of framing and a little bit of finish work. I'm in school now for construction engineering and I have a bit of power and hand tools and some free time during the week and would like to start doing some cabinet making or furniture making as a hobby.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Some one will jump on this that knows some book titles----However the public library is chock full of interesting books.

My best inspirations come from historical books--I've got jointery down pat,so I look for interesting old pieces of furniture to steal a detail or two from.

Good luck-have fun-----MIKE----

p.s. If you haven't gone to the sister site Woodworking Talk--Check it out--There is a link at the bottom of this page.
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Jim Tolpin and Gary Katz have some good carpentry (cabs and finish) books. I'm sure others will be along with additional suggestions.
Gary Katz has ALOT of good information IMO
Thanks for the advice everyone, I'll search the internet when I get back home later tonight.
Get Finish Carpentry by Gary Katz. It is a GREAT book, it not only give you the basics to turn out decent work, but also shows you where you can make short-cuts and stop overbuilding where it is just as waste. In the end to product is the same and you saved yourself time and money.

He starts out with some History on Carpentry and reccomends an book from the late 1800s that you should read as well...teaches you about the aspects of trim work and so on. Why this peice of trim belongs here and not that one. Anyone can nail up trim and build cabinets, but to make it looks good and be correct is a whole nother thing.
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