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In the old shop, everything had to be packed in, one board at a time. At the old shop, I had to drive to the sawmill & pick up our lumber. In the old shop, I had to meet the semi's & unload our flooring, one bundle at a time into the back of the truck, or onto a trailer.

In the new shop, I call the mill, they deliver, unload with their piggyback forklift & set the big pile of lumber right in front of the lumber rack.:clap:

yesterday, they deliverd 639 bd ft of hickory for a large stair project we're starting. Today, another truck delivered 1250 sq ft of hickory flooring for the same job. Used my tractor to unload & set in the shop. Floorings in the background of the 2nd pic.

Yep, momma's getting spoiled.:laughing::laughing:


1 - 5 of 5 Posts