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Georgia license study question

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I am registered to take my test for residential light construction in December. I have 25 years construction experience in the Atlanta area. There are an abundance of companies offering seminars and study material to prep for the test. Can anyone give me any practical advice on the best way to prepare since these services are not cheap, and I don't want to guess wrong here. Thanks.
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Hi David. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I have one more question for you, please. Do you think it's possible to pass the test without the seminar? Is it feasible to get the books and familiarize yourself with them enough to be able to finish the exam in the alloted time for someone with over 20 years experience? Or do I just need to bite the bullet and fork over the dough ? And do you need all the books for the test? If it seems like I'm sounding cheap and trying to cut corners - Well I am somewhat cheap and business is slow, but I want to do it right and pass the first time. Thanks again, Ed
$490 for the prep class is very inexpensive, if you take the test and fail it, how much will you really save?

I have taken 3 Certified Contractors exams in Florida and passed each one of them on the 1st attempt, the last one was Plumbing and about 32% of the people who take it pass it on the 1st atempt.

I have taken prep classes for each of my contractors exams, and it helps, the classes were quite a bit more than $490.

You would probably be better off and save money in the long run taking a prep class, passing the test and getting your license sooner, rather than later.
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