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Geo deck

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I thought I have seen a lot of bad decks but this one last Friday was a jawdropper. This GEO deck is crumbling apart like a cookie. I had to put my feet on the joist otherwise I would fall through! Turned out to be a bad batch in 2003. Good news is they are not the only one. Bad news is they didn't get any penny. No fixing with crayons here!
On a side note: Anybody has seen this railingstyle in vinyl?


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I never liked the GEO and I'm glad I didn't after walking on this deck. They are not sure what decking they want yet. I will give them some options. I did looked at a deck last year that had Evergrain decking, what is pretty good but not the best but it is also a lot lower in cost than most other ones. The decking looked great but the railing fell apart, especially the sleeve covers. You could grab chunks of it with your bare hands. Weatherbest had also similar problems. I have installed the CX from CorrectDeck for the last 6 years and never had a call back.
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