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General Contractors Insurance

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Can anyone here recommend a good insurance company,for my cabinet installation business? I live in NJ and i know insurance is high,but my insurance company gave me a qoute and it seems a little high.I would like to get some advice before i just go out and walk into any insurance agent.I will be installer alone and i was told that i won't need workmens comp,and that there are better plans for medical and disability i can get for myself,if i want that coverage.Anything you guys recommend i do or say to agents or know which ones are best? Do you know what else is required for a cabinet installation business in NJ.I know a few subs in the business and i know that at least one doesn't have workmens comp or a business license.I'm not sure about the others.Is that required in order to have a legit business? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again