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Watch permits.

Here in Albuquerque permits are public record. The lumber yards watch and call. The most successful subs at getting new business with me do the same.

Most of the time I'm not interested in replacing subs, I'm satisfied with the ones I use. There are times when I feel it's time to replace one. The way to try-out for that spot is to call me when a new permit is issued. If I'm looking for a new sub that does what you do, I will meet with you, otherwise we're wasting each others time.

Generally, I'd determine if I thought you could do the work, I might even visit some of your work. If you passed this, I would have you bid the job. Assuming your price was in-line, I'd give you the job. I'd watch you like a hawk on this job, if everything is fine, good work, on-time, respectful workers, you would get the opportunity for the next one. You wouldn't know it but on this next one, you would be the only bidder. Assuming your price was in-line, you'd get it. Again I'd watch.

After 2 or 3, you would know you were the only bidder. For many, there would be no bid, just do it. This is where many screw up. They start upping their price. I'm not an idiot. If I think your upping your price without a corresponding increase in materials prices, I'll be talking to the next guy who calls.
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