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After 2 or 3, you would know you were the only bidder. For many, there would be no bid, just do it. This is where many screw up. They start upping their price. I'm not an idiot. If I think your upping your price without a corresponding increase in materials prices, I'll be talking to the next guy who calls.
I understand this thinking, here is what has actually happened to me in the past.

I was working with a new GC, first job doing some site work for the a county job that this GC had won. I looked at the plans and the GC came up with a price that was very low. I agreed to do the work for that price because of a couple of reasons:
I was a new sub to them and wanted to start a working relationship with this company. I also new that he had other quotes. Most important, I needed the work.

We performed well on this job, and was paid for our work.

After that we were asked to quote a bunch of other jobs and I never could get to that pricing again, the numbers he wanted were at cost. He made comments like " boy your pricing has really gone up". The last job I quoted the GC didn't hire me and hired a company that did the work for 30% less than I was. When I checked in on this GC a few months later he informed that the new company he hired installed 400' of under drain at the wrong elevation and he was fighting to get paid form the owner.

We never worked together again after that. The point I am making is that sometimes subs will give you a great price to get his foot in the door but don't expect it every time, he has to make a profit at some point just like you do.

To the OP's question, you have to set up appointments with them. Go see them and ask for plans of any jobs they are doing. It is not easy to get started and you will end up working for the guys that are hard to work for and pay slow. You will have to do this for a while until you prove yourself in you area and then maybe one of the better GC's will give you a shot.
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