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hey everyone, could you give me an idea of what the best book and exam prep for the residential contractor license in tn would be. thank you there are so many different ones it is hard to know which to choose.


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Are there no contractor exam schools there?

If there is, enroll in one. They seem to have all the questions asked in recent tests darn near word for word. All you do is study the questions.

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gus is giving good advice
take the class if they have one. if its a state run test their is usually a class given by some company I think mine was 2 days

all the questions should be close to the same

my advice is if you were to get lets say a 95 percent on practice class test. that does not mean you shouldnt study at all , and get blind drunk the night before the test. someone I know very well did this and failed the test by 1 point
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