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gate openers

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looking for a good gate opener my gate is 16' long a weighs about 200lbs some of those tube openers dont look strong enough
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I haven't had to deal with any gates that size, but IMO the best mode of operation would be sliding (on rollers) rather than swinging. If it has to swing, a caster on the end would help out a lot. I know that doesn't really answer your question, but could help with deciding exactly how to implement the setup.
I think the mighty mule is down in your state. That is all I see around here. Yeah, the sliding is best if you can make it work.
What are your requirements?

Low voltage or 120 volt. Do you want battery operated with solar because power is not there. Or if power is available do you want battery backup in case the power is out.

Swing or sliding.

What kind of acess do you need. A simple remote, a keypad, both. Or do you need someone to be able to call the house from the gate to let them in. Also do you need a fire lock box at the gate so the fire department can get in. If this is needed and is required in most jurisdictions then you will need a good opener and control system, because the gate has to be able to be programmed to open and stay open when opened with the fire lock box.

Also a 16ft 200 lb gate is actually on the light side, what is it a chain link gate or light weight wrought iron.
Are the Mighty Mule openers reliable? I can buy them locally at Tractor Supply. Is there another brand I should be looking at?
I usually do livestock/horse fence but I just looked at a residential job yesterday. The customer wants to surround their property with a fence and a gate to keep their 4 year old non verbal autistic kid from running.
I don't know how reliable they are, but I have known about them since the early '90's, so they have been in the market for some time.

I had an Armstrong gate for years. If you're not familiar with this brand, you park in front of it, get your fat ass out of the car, open the gate, drive through, then get out and close the gate behind you.
I graze cattle at three locations, I have plenty of the "armstrong" gates.
Mighty Mule, IMO, is the bottom end of the swing gate operator line.

For a linear type operator, I have been installing the Apollo 1500 for several years, it's a strong reliable unit.

The Apollo uses a deep cycle marine type battery, so there's plenty of reserve power for periods of cloudy days.
Thanks, I figured there is be something be something better than what I can get at TSC.

The plan is to install a 5 ft tall 2x4 high tensile fence along the road, then use 8' Smart Net Deer Fence around the rest of the property which is wooded.
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