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Gas Station Canopy

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Yes first post, I do have an introduction. I own a power washing company and recently was asked by a customer their thoughts on stripping down a gas station canopy to have it re-painted. I don't do painting and the only paint stripping I have done was with my power washer. I used the search and looked on the web for the past 3 days and can't get a concrete answer.

I was wonder what it would take to strip down the underside of a gas station canopy like a Mobile station. The size is 50 x 50. I have no idea what type of paint is used on these and I am guessing it is made out of Aluminum.

I would like to know what media would be best and about how long it would take. Also any other cautions I should know about if you have done this before.



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I think you might be in the market for a sand blaster----ask this question in the sand blasting section here----
Looks like an interesting job but I don't think sandblasting is the solution for them unless they are willing to close the station down for a few days.

You may be able to do some work while they are open they close a row of pumps at a time and you completely tarp the area top to bottom but the dust plus gasoline plus an idiot throwing a cigarette away could equal finding your body in the next county.

I would scrape, sand, and paint. Sometimes the old fashion way is the best.
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To be able to price it and do it right, your customer will probably laugh at you man. Don't really see them paying for a total paint removal and re paint. Gas stations are usually bottom dollar cheap. Power wash to remove what's loose, spot prime and re paint.
Second what Benny said Get the loose paint off, prime and paint Sometimes the old way is the only way
I appreciate the input, basically what I was told by the pressure washing forum, walk away if they want it all stripped off, not worth the money and headache especially working over head for that much. I thought the price of media, and every thing else the cost to do it would be little difference than replacing, and since not all the paint is coming off, fix where it is only.

BTW, any work that gets done is only done with the station closed. I won't do any work at a gas station while customers are around. When I am cleaning, I am using chemicals and they can be potent sometimes when working on the gas and oil spots, and that stuff will take paint off and burn skin so no chances I don't have that much insurance.
Looks like a standing seam aluminum panel rolled to fit on site. No way that could with stand the energy built up by blasting...
I didn't realize that any type of metal couldn't handle blasting. That is why I come here for your answers, as I don't know, and I wasn't planning on trying, I was just wondering the options. I do appreciate the input.
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