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I went into a new house that was being built around me and looked where the range goes and there was a black iron pipe coming out of the floor. It stuck up about 6-8 inches and was 2 inches away from the wall. This got me to thinking how the stove would ever slide all the way in without running into the pipe and also why the hookup was not inside the wall like a refrigerator water hookup or a washing machine hookup. This pipe seemed so primative to me.

I started looking and there is a gas outlet box for ranges by Sioux Chief

Is there any reason these would be against code? They are plastic, might be nice if they were metal, but it is much nicer than a pipe coming through the floor. What is your prefered method for a gas stove hookup for natural gas? Do any of you use these boxes? Is there anything better?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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