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gas compressor acting up

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Last week i used my gas compressor for a roof job. Was running 2 guns all day on it no problem like it always does.

End of the night it blows a rubber hose off one of the fittings that goes to the regulator, reattached hose and fired her back up.

Now whenever its 99% charged up with air it will kick on and off like it wants to keep pumping air and kick off at the same time. Goes on for a few seconds then stops.

So far ive done nothing but clean and lube some parts with no luck

My compressor is an older emgle with the wisconsion robins motor if that helps.
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When you say kick on and off do you mean speed up slow down?

Kinda sorta. It should only kick on to recharge the tanks. Right before it should kick off it sputters and dosnt want to kick off. So it keeps kicking on and off real quick. Hope that made sence
Sounds like a bad regulator
I did replace the stock one with a harbor freight wonder when i first got the thing
Check the pressure relief/load reliever thingy. (Unloader valve) It's the thing you flip the lever up on to relieve the pump pressure for easier starts when the tank is pressurized.

Found a pic. This is similar to the one on my Emglo.


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Tank pressure is directed to the "unloader" . When this air switch isn't sufficiently pressurized it trips. This trips another air switch that kicks the engine up and the compressor charges. When the tanks are pressurized sufficiently, the "unloader" kicks the compressor back into an idle state.

Your air switching system has somehow become 'confused' as to its limits of high and low.

Check the rubber hose that you reconnected. You may need to put a hose clamp on it or maybe it is cracked or leaking? If cracked or leaking, replace the hose.

I wouldn't mess with the unloader settings (the double threaded nuts) as they are pretty tricky to set for high and low limit.
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