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Garage Security...

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Hello all.

Found this forum looking for a particular piece of information - still havent found it, figured this would be the best place to ask..

For over 30years, simple security - door locks, dead bolts have been sufficient as far as keeping people out of my garage.

However times are a changing, and some new neighbors (renters) have discovered the treasure trove of my garage and as a result I now have security issues.

I had a certified break in about a month ago, Had the police involved who took a report, prints and stuff... but the cops werent all that helpful. They basically told me that unless I can prove a particulr tool is mine they really cant do anything if they even find any of my tools. My loss, was between $3,000-$6,000 in mostly new hand tools and router bits, drill bits, that sort... 90% was brand new... they basically, emptied a large drawar (3ftx4ftx1ft).

Since then I have reinforced the point which they did gain entry... I do have some questions however...

The back door of my shop is a 3 panel non insulated wood door, with plate glass on top with steel bars. I was contemplating putting a piece of lexon(sp) over the window and attaching it with drywall screws so they cant break the window reach in and unlock the door. I could put a key dead bolt, however that would become a PITA since I use that door frequently. The door, actually doesnt go directly outside, goes to a shed, which has been MORE than secured, but I would feel better if the door im talking about was a bit more secured just incase they do gain entry to the shed, they cant get into the main building.

I have also since installed an alarm system.

Now, for the front man door, the one that really matters and is visible to the general public, is a custom cut door. which is flush on the outside but is recessed on the inside since my shop is made of concrete block. I have both a dead bolt, and a regular lock but was thinking about adding, hmm how to explain this... its a special lever type lock often found on enclosed utility trailer doors... you lift the handle which turns a gear, which lifts and lowers 2 seperate rods which allow the door to swing open...The issue here is the jamb of the door is a bit beat up, and we are going to have snow here very soon, so removing the door to rebuild the jamb isnt really an option at this point, The problem is, a good nudge with a shoulder would probably gain entry... while the alarm would go off, they could grab and run...And then leave me with the missing tools, plus fixing the door... possibly in the dead of winter. Something id prefer to just avoid.

Clearance around the physical door on the inside is almost nill as well, I have about 1inch on all sides and about 8 inches on the bottom. I have reinforced the jamb where the dead bolt and door knob go using a piece of 1/2 angle screwed to the jamb and to the block wall which spans the door locks 2ft.

Now Home Depot sells these door gaurds that are basically metal plates that go over the door itself to help reinforce the door so if some attempts to kick the door and the jamb doesnt fail, itll hopefully ensure the door itself doesnt fail. I have looked at these as well...

I was wondering what your input on this would be? As far as gaining entry thruogh the windows, tools required for that would include dynamite...The windows are to let in natural light, not too look out...
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Sorry about your problems - Locks are only meant to keep the honest people honest

They do make films to cover the glass that would be better than Lexan - check out 3m's site

The metal plates are only meant for wood doors that have been compromised & they didn't want to replace it but the jamb still has to be solid - quite simply replace the door & jamb 4 to 8 hours and a 150 materials sure beets 6000 in tools and use 3" screws holding the strike plate for the deadbolt is sufficient

Hey how about an intro now & good luck
Keep a well-trained German Shepherd in your garage and nobody will go near it.
quite simply replace the door & jamb 4 to 8 hours and a 150 materials
But it's going to snow soon. Maybe this afternoon? :whistling:laughing:

Seriously DC, this is the way to go. Admittedly, if it's a job outside of your experience/expertise, it can be a bit daunting and time-consuming. But if you want it right, you need to do it right. Even if that means paying someone else to do it. :thumbsup:
Oh I agree. I just didnt really want to open that can of worms this late in the year. I was hoping to do that next summer when its 80F outside and 15 hours of daylight
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