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I am finishing a basement bedroom. I have a circuit for the garage, with a circuit with "basement lights". The existing garage circuit feeds an outlet in the basement mechanical room. May I feed the future bedroom of this garage circuit, and convert the "basement lights" circuit into the new basement bathroom circuit?

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Need More Info

Need More Information on what you are trying to do. What Size Wire is feeding your current lighting? Is there a separate circuit feeding your garage?

If you can your best bet is going to be to run new circuits from your panel.
New codes require all circuits in a bedroom to be Arc-Fault Protected.

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Sorry to have wasted your time. The sparkys failed to label the "basement lights" circuit as to what is is truly is, it's the basement lights & kitchen lights. So I am running a dedicated circuit for the bath.

FYI, I was trying to shortcut by replacing the 15 amp "basement lights" circuit with a 20 amp, ( existing 12/2 wire) and renaming it the bath circuit.

Just as a knowledge factor, would it have been compliant to pull the basement bedroom of the garage circuit? (20 amp, 12/2)?
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