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Fypon surround

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Does anyone have any pic's of Fypon surround used on a garage that they would share? We're dealing with a brick opening and toying with a crosshead either with column pilaster or without. Have not seen anything to help our descision. TIA
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Point well noted however kids are grown up and we're looking at 1/2 round column pilasters that project 5". Not easily replicated. Thanks for the pic's that last one is a fine example of what were after. And it does look good.
Yea Tom we have been on the site could'nt many examples of our situation. Its okay she wants to go for it. Just got the call to order the stuff.

Hey Lone you have the wheels turning now. I wonder if the PVC is even close to cost comparision, I have to assume the increased labor would offset any material difference. I think I will call it in tomorrow for kicks afterall the fypon is 3-5 weeks.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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