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I just had a HVAC company come out and look at my Heating unit. The problem is the heater keeps tripping the breaker. They looked at the unit and said that I need a new Furnace Switch and they don't fix those we have to talk to an electrician. Is this true? How much should I expect to pay? Is this something that I could do myself? This house is only 3 years old is this normal?


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I had a similar problem a few years back. It seems the air handler in th attic space (two zone house) was wired direct to the unit with aluminum wire. The problem was the aluminum wire generated to much heat during the heat cycle thus throwing the breaker in the unit. Reset the breaker and the unit would run for a day or two or sometimes less. The fix=Run aluminum wire to new disconnect located near unit in attic. From disconnect run copper wire directly to unit. Not a problem anymore.....Billy
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