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My buddy had a 12,000 BTU Split duct Fujitsu AC/Heater unit installed about 1 month ago. When the guys left they showed him how the unit worked and they turned it on and off without letting it cool down, they assumed it worked.

Well today he turned it on, it is only about 75 degrees but it is humid and it was just blowing cold air. The outside unit wasn't working, just the inside. He called the company and they sent a guy out and when they got into the electrical connections he and I noticed that the L1 and L2 were not connected. The installer connected them to the output of the unit and it was feeding the interior unit but not the exterior unit. So he reconnected it the right way and it didn't work. We looked into the unit and found the trigger lead fuse was blow, 5 amp. He didn't have one and had to go get it. We installed it and put the unit back together and now it ran.

So here's the problem, the unit isn't putting out air that I would consider cold. He had a laser temp meter and when he placed it on the interior coils it was showing just under 65 degrees F. Now would this be considered normal in a high efficiency AC unit (seer 25)? Or is it low on refrigerant too? He had his refrigerant gages with him but the fittings were wrong so he couldn't test. He said the unit comes precharged and as long as there isn't more than 15' of coolant line it should be enough. There is 6' of coolant line from the exterior to interior unit.

How long should it take to cool a small room? He has a window 12K unit and it froze this room out. Thanks.
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