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Frost-protected shallow foundations

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Any body have any experience with these. We have done a few, never on a house though. I have done a little research and there seems to be a varing oppinon about how they should be done.

Our frost depth is considered to be 42" here. We have pretty much always stuck with convention methods.

Any thoughts?
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I believe jlc did an article on what your talking about .
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Stay with what works. No use in putting in a frost free footing and have the foam degrade or be removed and have a problem 20years later.
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I have done two homes and several other heated buildings, in Fairbanks Alaska. They've been done a lot longer overseas in similar environments.

I've always used NFS fill down to frost depth, in conjunction with the foam per IRC.

Consider frost heave only happens when ALL three occur: Freezing temps, Frost susceptible soils, and moisture to freeze. FPSFs are designed to eliminate the freezing. Proper drainage and fill material above the foam can minimize the moisture, and if you do NFS soil as well then you could have any two conditions become compromised before you have an issue.

I've made spreadsheets comparing the costs given local fill price, and dimensions of the building. The FPSF always comes out a little ahead or more. It's worth doing your own local cost benefit analysis.
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My Apology Bro, this was meant for someone else... This fancy commercial ad's made me screw up...:censored:
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Any body have anything else to weigh in on this. Any thoughts would be appreciated. It keeps coming up so I guess I need to figure out the best way to do it.
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