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front window detail over window

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I am in the process of sketching the details for a new portico for a home in an older neighborhood. The roof detial will incorporate a cathederal type ceiling and the entry door will have 12" lites on either side. An eliptical transom would be nice, but not practical b/c of the interior trim and necessary work of installing a load bearing header.

so, I am considering making a elliptical transom out of wood (like a starburst) out of azek, but not coming up with any pictures-specifically the center detail where all rays will originate.

does anyone have suggestions/pictures of this type of detail?
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few ive done that ive shown before, nothing new:sad:
Here is the last sunburst I did. Not elliptical, but I did a cut out disk that is backlit at night. Could be made a small window:


now thats a great idea Bass:thumbsup:
Thanks, It looks kinda like the crown on the Statue of Liberty and is a crisp little detail. The back lighting makes the gable a nice feature by day and night.
now thats a great idea Bass:thumbsup:
Tom-the third picture you included would probably work nicely-thanks!

interesting feature Basswood. neat post detail from the beams that were carried through to the front (or are they faux caps?)
The beams are cedar 4x4's and are half-lapped to project forward.
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