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Friend killed during demolition

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A fellow local contractor who I became business friends with was killed yesterday when he was demoing a church. He was a great and very likeable man. He worked his but off and was very well respected. He has been doing demo and excavating since the 70's and was very good at what he did. Some say he was the king of demo in our area. He just made a stupid mistake and it cost him his life.

After watching the video, it is easy to say that he should have done this or that, but we get caught up in the moment. Especially when you have half the neighborhood and tv cameras watching you.

He will be sadly missed.

BTW... His dad was killed in '91 when the Raygo roller he was on ran away. He was thrown and ran over.
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Wow. So sorry for your loss.
Sorry to hear rino. That video is painful to watch too.:sad:
Sorry to hear about your friend. :sad:
Sorry to hear about your friend...

But none for nothing, watching that video, and the way he was doing that, that was inevitable. He should have been on the side or in the back of the building 10 buckets ago... and all he had to do is spit on it and it would go down, instead he kept dinging under it after 85% of the first floor was out and there was nothing left to support 2 stories above it, and he kept digging being in front of it.
With that said, my heart goes out to his family, but that was a senseless loss of life, not to mention he had so much experience as you said it yourself.
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Sorry about the loss of your friend.
Sorry for your loss :sad:

No doubt the technique he used is high risk, but sure is a shame he paid the ultimate price.

RIP there fella, you remind me of a lot guys I know.
Sorry for your loss. Atleast he went out doing what he loved :drink:
Sorry for your loss Rino. Condolences to the family and everyone who knew him.
Best thoughts and regards.
Sometimes you do something dangerous for so long you're no longer cautious.
Sorry for your loss rino. Its sad when you see stories like this, and it makes you realize it only takes one second or one wrong move.

Sorry for your loss Rino. Just goes to show you never know.....
Sorry for your loss. Video doesn't appear to work. At least on my phone. Can't say I really want to watch it anyway.
Jason, sorry for your loss....and i'm not saying this to be mean....critical...i'm just saying this as an old fart who has made many mistakes and got away with know Jason, you've got enough seat time to know....seeing that was a train wreck waiting to happen. it is my hope, this video will be shown time and time again, as a learning tool to young operators. the camera angle was perfect for an educational tool...alas, a great man lost his life making it.
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Sorry to hear about your friend.

It is a dangerous profession we work in.
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