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Fantasy Boat that is College. (note the girls entering school these days were born in 1991!) I just finished a master's degree in building construction and have an undergraduate degree in business administration.

Currently, these pieces of paper mean very little, but I was able to get my foot in the door so to speak.

I just began a job with a small firm doing custom homes and slowly expanding into the commercial market.

Prior to getting the building construction degree I worked for a year on a large condominium project and enjoyed construction. I liked the problem solving and critical thinking process as well as resolving the conflicts that arise.

I have a long way to go, but hopefully I am providing a foundation for an interesting, challenging and at times difficult career. It is a crazy time to be entering the field, but I feel it offers an opportunity to learn a tremendous amount about the "business" in a volatile economy. My plan is to observe and learn to the best of my abilities and work damn hard all the time, taking nothing for granted.

I just wish I had more field experience! This should come as I am starting off in the field and not the office.

Of course I have dreams and aspirations and in due time we shall see.

Thanks for this site, I have been reading many threads thus far and looking forward to the insight provided.
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