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free delivery?

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Last month I did a quote for a person in a nearby city, baseboard, crown and casing.
I worked up a price, sent it to him via email.

He doesn't address the contract at all, but he doe's want me to go to the lumber yard and pick up all of his trim, and deliver it to his house so that he can paint it before I arrive to install.

I didn't do that. I did however send him an email saying that: delivery is not included in my contract. It would also be illegal for me to pick up goods that I did not own and deliver them to his house. I did not pay for this trim, but I would have if he had given me the $ to do that. So at that point I did not own the trim.

However, I don't know about that- it might be perfectly legal to pick up materials that I did not technically own and deliver it to the job site. I did not want to do it -free! and my cost's would be two toll charges on the bridge (3.50 each way) and gas/time. Probably lose 1/2 a day's work to that.

As an aside, I ended up declining the contract. Unfortunately he turned out to be one of those reno-tv folks, who think that they can squeeze anyone they hire price wise.

It started with the "free delivery" thing, then he wanted to pay all cash to avoid the taxes(I will NOT risk an audit and fines to save you a few hundred) then it was "caulking and filling included" nope, not in the contract, but I can do it for $$.

Then it was "toss in those two bedrooms and we got a deal" ah..... no.

I cancelled the contract, and wrote a new one that included all of the things they wanted (not the delivery though) doubled the quote and added an up front %80 deposit, the %20 due before the crown was to go in.

They scrambled like mad to go back to the original contract, but by then they'd shown their cards.

I told them no, no trust, no contract, out of time. I was mad!!! I know you can't get mad in business, but all the signs were there to get screwed.

Anyway long story! I get one of those about every 4 years or so.

Do you deliver goods "free"? I wonder if it's legal if I had actually paid for the trim, then it would belong to me.

Edit: I carry artisan insurance on my pickup. Cost's me extra every year, but it makes it legal for me to use the truck in my business.
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Those folks are alive and well in this area--------

I'm installing a kitchen for one of those right now.

What an idiot.

This one I knew from a previous small job---so I had a good idea what I was getting into.

What an idiot.

I stopped by for a final check on the details before I wrote a contract---5 PM and 7 below zero----as I'm getting ready to leave he holds up a bag and says,"Now you are going to do some free work for me."

Three sets of locks/dead bolts.

I went off on him. His wife had tears in her eyes.

I had the 'talk' --"what every foreigner need to know about American contractors."

I told him that I promised never to ask him for free money without doing work if he promised never to ask for free work without without paying.

Thank god I hadn't written the contract before he pulled that---
I wrote a tough contract at full price---I included every item I could think of---

So far so good----but I refused to do other work for him---I just don't have the patience for that sort---You made the right move.

Idiots with a check book----
Huh? How so? I've done that many times. Customer buys an item, I go pick it up and install it. Never had anyone expect me to do that for free, though...
It would also be illegal for me to pick up goods that I did not own and deliver them to his house.
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I always get payment up front for anything expensive that is not returnable (custom door units) but we always have our trim delivered to the site a few days before we plan to start.
I always get a little leery when a client wants to paint anything first. I got burned several years ago when a HO expected me to 'touch up' any marks I left. IE - They expected me to caulk, fill nail holes, and re-paint everything for free. Now if they want to paint first, a quick re-write of the contract clears up any 'misunderstanding' we might have. Along with an additional delivery charge.

I encourage my clients to pick out and purchase the small items (light fixtures, door hardware, knobs, etc), so occasionally I get the dimwit that goes to 10 different stores, picks out what they want, writes down the SKU/Model # and price, and expects me to drive around all day, for free, picking this chit up. Ain't happening :no:.
I'm a little confused about the OP.

Illegal to deliver ??????? Somebody help me out.

Pre paint base ok.........but case and crown.......I would not like that.

Tough call. :scooter:
I know that Canada has a few hairball laws ........ but delivery of items also? Some of my family lives up in P.E.I. / NB/ NFLD.
I think that if the homeowner has paid for the material and authorizes you to pick it up, then no problem. But not for free! Ha!
Ok, well as I said I don't really know if this is a rule or not. From a logical point of view, I am "guessing" that because I do not own the material, then I would be legally hired to deliver the goods.

I suspect that this might require some sort of courier licence, but I don't know, it seemed like a good way to not do something that was going to cost me 1/2 a days pay and 2 bridge tolls.

I am going to check with my insurance agent on this. I've done this before though, but this time the guy was trying to 2-bit me to death.

I'll post when I find out what's up.
I'm a little confused about the OP.

Illegal to deliver ??????? Somebody help me out.

Pre paint base ok.........but case and crown.......I would not like that.

Tough call. :scooter:
Do it for "free" to make yourself look good and then bury the cost somewhere else.. Clients happy and so is your wallet.
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