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Free Caulk

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Ive never tried the stuff, I guess I will now. I looked up where they sell it around me and not to many places sell it.
Awful lot of info to save $5
Awful lot of info to save $5
It's not mandatory that you participate...:whistling (firefox)/AutoComplete (IE) will help you :thumbsup:
But I don't want them to know my name, address, phone #. That $5 isn't worth the aggravation that will likely pursue. I can just buy it and find out if I like it.
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I didnt fill in my phone #, I did once on something like that and had annying calls on special deals. If they want to mail me crap thats fine. I dont sign up for anything anymore like that when you have to use your phone number.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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