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Framerman, are you saying you don't have framing inspection up there? And Jake it only works if he puts a girder truss or load bearing beam and point blocks all the way to the foundation. While it was a good catch on your part, I sincerely hope that the siding contractor isn't the only guy on the job who has knowledge of the importance of bearing points. I've never been but I assume you guys get good sized snow loads up there.
The town I live in, last I checked, still uses the '86 BOCA code book. Code enforcement is like an oxymoron here except the major areas of population. I've seen some of the most sickening construction in my life right here, and it gets ignored. There's not much enforcement.

Perfect examples. And I have more.

Our snow loads vary from town to town. It goes from like 30# to 100#, depending where you are.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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