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Hello all,
So this is my situation. I am working on a 200 year old house,
The current situation is that there is currently a drop ceiling installed that i need to remove in order to open up to a cathedral ceiling that has not been finished, insulated, or properly configured for todays standards and building practices. The room is 750sqft, I haven't enough info to give you the sqft of the ceiling. Any how i plan to install a ridge vent, Rafter vents, and vent the soffit. Pretty cut and dry, however, the roof is framed with 2 by 6's and this basically leaves me with no room to install insulation, R38.

Here come the questions:

1. do i need to install a polethylene barrier after the insulation, i have seen this done on new construction that i have been working lately.

2. Adding another 6" of framing seems like a massive load to apply to the exsisting framing, What should i do. I would rather not demo the exsisting roof and build new. I have furred out rafters in the past, but not this much.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I hope this is all clear enough to understand.

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Sorry if I'm not helping here, but I don't see why you don't have the room to insulate. If the framing is 2 x 6 (vs. 2 x 4) you have even more room to install balisters and insulate. I guess I'm missing something here??
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