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Framing in Windows on Masonry

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I have, what I imagine, is a very simple framing question for your seasoned pros:

Around my parts, Queens NY, most homes are Masonry exterior. I plan on gutting an apartment, and I plan to come off the masonry wall about 4"-4.5" with my bottom ( and top plates). Do you folks simply stack more 2x's at the areas where the window plans to be installed to account for the space between where the framing begins and the rough masonry opening begins for the window ?

I've seen some interesting amalgamations of plywood and the like, but really curious to get a definitive "best practice" or at least one that seems like it will last.


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Is there any reason you dont want to put the window in the masonry opening? Or is the wall furred out on the inside and you want the window flush on the inside wall?
Thanks for the reply. Let me try and provide some pics of some windows I worked on earlier in the year.

Once we tore everything out, the previous folks left a tremondous amount of empty space between the windows and I even found those old cast iron weights which I imagine were once used as a pully for the window? I'm still a little uncertain, but i digress.

The old original wood was what the windows were originally attached . The windows in these parts usually sit in between the exterior masonry and the finished interior wall but almost always attach to wood. So what the contractor I worked with ended up doing was using 2x8's, notching them so they would extend into the window cavity giving the window something to screw into all the while still being able to fit inside 2x4 metal tracks acting as the top and bottom plates..

In this scenario and in most I imagine when encountered a masonry wall, If i were to throw up a 2x4 wall about 1.5" away from the wall, there wouldn't be any "meat" for the window to screw into unless I get creative somehow.

Just wondering what's the best way to handle this or if really just means getting creative.

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