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Framing a square pilaster or column.

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I want to add two wood framed stucco faced columns to our back patio. The builder spanned 45 feet with two support columns and we want to add 2 more so we can install some rollup shades between them. We are in Lake Havasu City, Az and out here they frame and then install EIFS stucco system for outer finish. My question is how do I frame thes out? I've looked online, but not having any luck. I've sawcut the patio to allow for a 12x12 footing to be installed, but I dont know how to layout for anchor bolts , sole plate, then framing detail. Any help would be appreciated.

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I know, right? But they use trusses here. No load bearing walls inside I guess.
I would call a stucco guy. He should be able to add two columns, and make it look like they were original to the house.
Use extruded metal like a screen room. Much cheaper and easier.
Isn't there an actual framer here that can give me some help on this?
If they aren't structural to the home just chip the stucco at the top and tie in a box.

What is your trade may I ask?

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Now I run a Handyman business, but was a masonry and landscape contractor in California.
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Masonry guy would just set blocks then stucco from there.
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