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frameless glass framed in cedar

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My customer's window leaked during an unusually heavy storm last month. First step was to divert the water coming off the roof away from this window and recaulk around the trim. Second step was to remove the wet trim to dry the area and replace. After removing the trim I found the glass is set directly on untreated cedar.
There are four other windows in the house in the same situation. The 1yr warranty is up in Jan. The contractor who built the house has bailed on his partner, the partner is close to going under too. The home owner an ongoing customer, the builder partner (BP) asked if I could look at fixing these things. The BP is paying the bill.

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I see two fix options, pull the glass, wrap the cedar and retrim or pull the trim and waterproof the exposed cedar (like red guard) silicone the seam and retrim.

What would you do?
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I pulled back some sheetrock from the cedar and found the 2x4 framing is also not flashed. So I'm recommending pulling the window and steering over.
i would recomend pulling everything and installing something with at least a thermally broken glazing channel with internal weeps

or a custom built window unit,site built windows never seem to be trouble free
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