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Hgwhiz, couldn't find any manufacturers on google... just some fuzzy pictures from Gelbreaths sp? books on masonry production, A. a shelf for the units at 24" above the foot hop, B. Units stacked and storted in "packets of 10-12" instead the bone pile method used for 5 thousand years. and finially your "fountain" trowel. Wooden Pump jack scaffolding, Morgan towers out of wood with out the winch and Cable

A kind of "boot" shaped tin box with a brick width opening in the toe end (adjustable height?) closeable during filling? the ankle end used to load with loose mortar(pourable?) Tea pot position handle to stay clean while loading the "boot/fountian trowel" Fill set on wall and tip and slide till empty? labor filling the other one while mason is pouring?

Keeping one clean with modern M & S mortars and PCL mixes would be tough.. would it work with glassy brick in the cold?
Love to see one used at the Spec Mix 500s....

Someone has patented a grout scoop that is fountain trowel writ large, a plastic mail box sized box with two handles ~6-8 Quarts of grout a lick. Maybe you could coble one of them into a brick wide mouth for veneering
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