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Foundation walls underneath house

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I have a question for all you masonry guys. I had a downspout that got detached from the drainage line and the water seeped into the crawlspace. The crawlspace has a damp mildew smell. I have since fixed the downspout and everything looked good last rain. Now I was thinking about spraying all the walls down with raw bleach just to kill any mold that may try to grow and get rid of the smell. Is there anything that would be better????
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Better than bleach

If you are going to do it yourself, that may be ok. But for real stopping power, check the professionals. A guy I know has gotten into the business of mold remediation, and uses pressurized dry ice. I did not see it in action, but crawled in after, and it was remarkable. A funky, stinky, gross crawlspace had been made, well, pretty nice. Don't know the cost, but it is certainly effective. Something may be required after as well, paint, sealer, something. Look into it. gl
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