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Foundation Repoint

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Every once and a while someone posts that they want to point their stone foundation. I am doing just that on a customers house this week. It is a lime mortared stone work so I went with the Virginia Building lime 150 because I like it :laughing:

I found another job that the Quickpoint mortar gun pays for itself a million times over. Here is a little review I put together for it a while ago.

This is basic stuff, no rope jointing here :no:

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Very nicely done! I can see where a Quick Point would be handy as heck on this job,pay for itself on 1/2 of one wall.

With winter sneaking up, what a great place to hide for a week or so.:thumbup:
Yeah this would be a nice place to be come Feb. :)

The quickpoint is on my wanted list and has been for some time, I haven't booked a big enough job to pay for it yet though.

Seems by the time people call me a repoint isn't an option, it's usually a rebuild or a restoration since they wait until the wall explodes before doing something about it.
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