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Foundation Question

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I have a question for you foundation experts out there. How long can a foundation sit after it's completed before it needs to be framed. Is there some kind of time limit or can the foundation stay freestanding for any amount of time . Thanks for your response in advance
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So as long as it's free standing with no back fill it's no problem to sit 4 months . Does weather effect it at all . Thanks
Ok thanks for the advice guys. I was looking to try paying for some of the construction costs and there would be a few months downtime between foundation and framing . Thanks again
Thanks jls construction , ya that's a good idea. Thanks
Thanks warren , I appreciate your advice
Hey Chris , I was planning on starting in the spring. I was planning on letting it sit about 4 months . But I liked the idea someone said about getting the decking done as well.but you are right about the area here. Thanks Chris
Thanks guys, this was some educational info
Lol, it's good though
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1 - 10 of 21 Posts
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