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Hey I've got a couple questions that hopefully some people can help me with. I'm currently trying to get my CofQ and I strictly just do scaffolding. The concrete section has been kicking my butt when I do write. A couple questions I couldn't find online or in any book.

1) What is the last thing to do to the forms before taking the slings off? Undo the top or bottom clasp? Leave 1 rebar/tie in for support?

2) When connecting 2 forms what is the last connection you do before releasing it. Undo the top or bottom? Undo the brace?

3) What goes on directly before the ply deck? The stringer or the joist?

4) What is the order for setting up columns, walls, beams and girders?

5) Not a formwork question, but when doing a monolithic pour and cutting the beam and the slab, where do you cut them? Even at the top? Even at the bottom? If at the top, is the exterior or interior or both.

If anyone can lend a hand I'd be greatly appreciative. I've failed twice now getting 69 and needing 70 to pass....
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