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Formerly Bencouver

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Hello. Just a re-introduction. I have never liked my old user-name Bencouver so I have created a new profile as Ben Paul.

I am a carpenter and I work in Vancouver BC and surrounding areas. I have been working for a commercial form-working contractor for nine months but have just left the company to work on my own projects again while I look for something that pays well and is stable. I have ten years experience working in residential reno's and new construction.

I have on a couple of occasions gone out on my own. The first time was for six months but I was still quite young in the trade and when I saw a slow spell coming I took a job with a company. About 18 months later I gave it another shot after landing enough side jobs to turn into full time work. I took on an apprentice and tried to grow a business but without a proper understanding of the business side I found myself burnt out and not making any more money than I did as an employee. This is when I went to form-working.

Currently I am considering joining IATSE and working as a set carpenter for films and television and in between those projects I will do my own small contracting jobs or work as a sub. Starting Monday I have about three weeks of drywall work lined up and a long list of good contractors to call when things slow down so I am not too nervous about finding work.

I'm looking forward to continuing to contribute to the forum as I have been only now under a less silly name.

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Hey Ben.... some people go through life and never take any risks that way, never give self employment a try. I find once you do it it's hard going back to being an employee. Even if you work your ass off for less money sometimes. Good luck with your ventures!
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Admin can change your name. Having two accounts will get you banned:eek:
really? at least i have admitted it and i'm not trolling with both accounts. i'm assuming that would be the main reason to ban people for it.
Ben... Good decision on the name change.... Sounded like the old joke Bendover......
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