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Forced Social Networking

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I read this article about a Google tool named 'SideWiki'. When users of this toolbar-based plug-in visit your website “every page on your site now comes with a publicly accessible discussion board that cannot be moderated.” The article can be found HERE.

I haven't decided whether its good or bad. It probably would never affect me. Still...
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More to it than that. G added it to my TB also. No matter where I go, I'd have to sign into my G acct. to post a comment.
I think this is a sign of reverse marketing. G will know who posted what, where and can track what a potential client is looking for on the web. AN dhow they looked for it, and what they thought of their findings.
Could be a sign of things to come!:eek:
I believe the worst thing about the Sidewiki for businesses is the ability to use it as graffiti. Anyone (unhappy consumer, ex-wife, competitor) can mark up your site with their comments and there is no way to remove them, unless you acquiesce to their demands. Any Google toolbar user will see their comments.

There are positives about it for sure, I just see that above as a big drawback for companies that have their own websites.
Follow-up thought

I was reading an old article online ( and something that the author said got me thinking. He wrote:

"Unfortunately for Google and the other major search engines, those with a grasp of SEO techniques were beginning to tarnish that vision by stacking the search result deck in favor of their websites...

...The future of web search and website ranking belongs in the hands of all Internet users, but whether it ends up there depends on how willing they are to participate in that future."

There will always be attempts to manipulate page ranking, and search engines cannot judge content as a human can. I wonder if Google hopes to involve the internet community in deciphering legitimate search results vs actual page content. Sidewiki could be a fledgling effort to do so.

I am just thinking aloud here. :nerd:
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